Put iPhone in DFU Mode

First lets determine what is DFU mode? DFU means -Device Firmware Update-, this term is associated with Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and apple ipod touch. Why Enter DFU mode? If your restore using Recovery Mode doesn’t work you will need to use DFU Mode as a last option. When placing your iOS device into DFU Mode this doesn’t load the OS before attempting the restore, also entering DFU mode will allow for the jailbreak software to access your iOS oral appliance jailbreak it, and install Cydia.

Enter DFU mode

Entering DFU mode is quite basic and there are to approaches to place your iOS device in DFU mode, the commonest technique is to enter DFU mode is usually to undertake it manually using the device HOME and POWER buttons, but in some cases the device power button very can be not work for some reason, then there’s amazing entering DFU mode utilizing a software call iREB, the side effects with this 2nd strategy is which it works limited to windows computers.

The way to Put iPhone in DFU mode manually:

1. Launch iTunes and connect your device to the computer. 2. Press and support the (Home button + Power button) as well. 3. After exactly 10 seconds release just the Power button and continue holding the home button until your iTunes appears a communication letting you know which it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. 4. Your iPhone screen should remain black. 5. Thats it! You just entered DFU mode.

DFU Mode Without Power Button:

Even as stated previously that sometimes, you may be being forced to enter DFU mode but without needing the electricity Button, or Home Button. In this case you should use iREB which will enter your iOS device in DFU mode automatically devoid of the sleep button:

1. Download this small program called iREB (windows only). 2. Connect your iOS device to the computer. 3. Launch iREB and select your device. 4. Now iREB will place your iPhone in DFU mode. 5. Your iPhone screen should remain black. 6. Thats it! You only entered DFU mode.

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